True Fan Jukebox
︎ Spotify
May 2016

Stream music at SXSW (South by Southwest), an interactive music and video festival in Austin, Texas
A new jukebox has been developed for the service Spotify.
True Fan Jukebox can play songs if you don't have money and you love music. This jukebox, equipped with a unique image recognition system, recognizes the image of the band T-shirt worn by the user and automatically plays songs from that band through Spotify.
This digital installation was installed at The Spotify House during SXSW 2016.


Tech Director: Qanta Shimizu
Creative Director / Tech Director: Jamie Carreiro
Creative Director: Masashi Kawamura
Art Director / Motion Graphic Designer: Eiji Muroichi
Designer: Kensuke Sato
Producer: Sachie Aihara, Kimihiro Takano
Programmer: Kenta Watashima, Yoji Kido
Back-end Engineer: Mamoru Murakami
Computer Vision Engineer: Yuichi Miyamoto
Fabricator: Caleb Gilbert (11th Street Workshop), David King (11th Street Workshop), Kate Conway (11th Street Workshop)
Film Director + Editor: Jay Sansone (Freelance)
Videographer: Frank Bernal (Freelance), Cohlie Brocato (Ticking Clock Productions)